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GR91102 wing tagged PX was seen near the Brazo Del Este Natural Area. 

The Brazo del Este is located 20 km south of Seville in the Guadalquivir river estuary, which is an area with one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the Iberian peninsula. This former branch (brazo) of the Guadalquivir is east (este) of the river and is now a reed-fringed lagoon and wetland area surrounded by rice plains and farmland.

It is an outstanding ornithological site, where over 230 species of birds have been recorded. It is noteworthy for its high numbers of waterfowl especially in winter, while in times of drought birds from the nearby Doņana National Park flock here.

PX was next seen near St Leger in France on the 13 March 2017.

On 8 July 2017, PX was back close to where she was hatched at Haddiscoe and then seen again at Haddiscoe Marsh on 23/03/2019.